New CV Creation Services, Terms & Costs

New CV Creation Services Terms & Legal Basis

New CV Creation Services & Terms

Jakarta, DuniaNotaris.Com – Establishing a company of course requires a licensing system. Licensing in question has a purpose to guarantee the continuity and sustainability of the type of business being carried out. One of them is establishing CV.

CV or better known as a partnership is a company that conducts business activities and can be established with very little capital. Usually the capital to establish is smaller than setting up a PT. If you have trouble or not enough time to arrange the desired CV establishment, then you can use a service provider. Establishing a CV using CV creation services will certainly help you.

Legal basis

The legality requirements of a CV and also how a CV can move and strive are regulated in the commercial law articles 19, 20 and 21. In the law it is clearly stipulated how and the conditions for establishing a CV.

Requirements for Making CV

  1. Photocopy of the Founder’s identity card, at least 2 people.
  2. Copy of the Personal Responsibility Taxation (Npwp).
  3. Photo size 3 x 4 = 3 sheets (red background).
  4. Letter of lease, United Nations fully paid and building permit (IMB).

The complete requirements, the cv founder should go to the notary beforehand to get ratification of the business establishment certificate. Then the founder of CV is required to announce that the notary deed to establish the CV is legal and ready to conduct business activities.

For some people who have not really understood what CV is, and how is it superior? Here’s the explanation..

Excess CV (Commander Association)

  1. The process of its establishment is much easier and faster when compared to the establishment of PT.
  2. The prospect of future business development is far better and brighter.
  3. If you need additional funding, CV is easy when you will get credit in banking.
  4. Competitiveness of CV is far stronger in the global market compared to PT.
  5. Management is much simpler when compared to PT.
  6. Responsibility is not only borne by the director, but is borne by the whole involved.

If you feel difficult when going to do a permit for your business, then you can use the services of making CV DuniaNotaris.Com, we will help you to make a CV easily and quickly.

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Price of CV Establishment $440

To get detailed cost information or a further CV establishment price, please contact us at: 021-791-865-31 or visit our office at: Jl. Mampang Prapatan Raya, No.24-D, South Jakarta, 12790 (Across from Daihatsu / Beside Mampang Square).