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DuniaNotaris.Com is a seasoned company operating in the field of licensing services. Our services include various types of licensing services that existed in Indonesia. Starting with the licensing effort, business licenses trading, industry, manufacturing, PT, CV, establishment of corporate document management, FDI, even special permissions. We guarantee you the licensing arrangements each handle with a quick, professional price with a friendly course!!. Get to know our company. Our services include:

  • Trade permission
  • Police statement
  • Oil and gas permits
  • Transport permits
  • So BKPM
  • Administrative Services Provided
  • Immigration Permit
  • Tourism authorization
  • Customs declaration
  • Franchise Industry
  • Certificate statement
  • Service Management There
  • Agriculture Permit
  • Environmental permits
  • Public Works Permit
  • CV Manufacturing Services
  • SBU Manufacturing Services
  • PT Manufacturing Services

Want to create PT? Find out what is required to create PT!!!

  • PT Package (limited liability company)

  • Legal basis for the establishment of the Labor Party

  • Establishment terms

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  • The constitutive deed of the notary public
  • Company Residence Certificates
  • Minister of Law & Human Rights
  • Tax number – Number of major taxpayers
  • SIUP Authorization Letter – Business Trade
  • TDP – List of signature companies
  • The advertisement in the news the state of Rey

Create A pake Ngak long PT… 30 working days
Rp. 10.000.000,-

  • Law 40/2007; About a limited liability company.
  • PP 27/1998; About Mergers & acquisitions, merging a limited liability company.
  • PP 47/2012; Social & Environmental Responsibility of a limited liability company (CSR).
  • PP 57/2010; With regard to mergers & acquisitions that could lead to monopolistic practices & of unhealthy commercial competition.

General conditions for the establishment of PT (limited liability):

  • A copy of the ID card of the shareholder and the official, with a minimum of two or more persons.
  • Photograph the director KK or the person in charge.
  • The tax ID number of the administrator.
  • Installation of color images responsible for 4 sheets (3×4).
  • Filming the United Nations last year according to the company’s headquarters.
  • Copy of the proof of ownership of the work place or the office/contract rent.
  • The office must be located in an area of office space or store (not in the settlement territory), or obtain permission for the certificate issued by RT/RW (if necessary, for companies residing in a residential environment) identified outside of Jakarta.

The conditions for the formal establishment of the Labour Party are based on Act No. 40/2007:

  • Founder of at least two or more persons (art. 7, para. 1).
  • Notary Public uses the language of Indonesia.
  • Each founder should take the highest shares, except in the context of melting (article 7, paragraph 2, and paragraph 3).
  • The Minister of Justice must authorize the establishment deed and declare it in Chapter 7, paragraph 4.
  • Minimum authorized capital Rp. 50 million capital paid at least 25 per cent of the principal capital (art. 32 and art. 33).
  • One person at least 1 Director and Commissioner (art. 92, para. 3 & art. 108, para. 3).
  • Shareholders must be citizens or legal entities established under the laws of Indonesia, PT unless they are private criticism.

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Sk Kemenkumham Services Management 2 hours until

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