Best API (Importer identification number) service in Jakarta

A businessman who runs his business wheels by importing goods must of course have an ID that ensures that your company is legal. An identifier is an importer identity number (API). With the API certainly provides benefits to businessmen importers. Actually the benefits of API are not only perceived by the importer entrepreneur only, but also perceived by the government.

Entrepreneurs will benefit to ensure that imported goods can come smoothly. As for the government, API has function as one useful tool to perform the arrangement of the order of import business activities goods.

There are several procedures that must be passed to get the API. For the entrepreneurs to take care of the API certainly need help. One is to ask for help from the service of API creation. Surely the provider of API making will take care of everything until complete. Before discussing further there are a few things you should know about the API. Here’s the explanation..

Best API (Importer identification number) service in Jakarta

Types of APIS

  1. General importer identification number.
  2. Importer’s identification number is limited.
  3. Special importer identification number.
  4. Importer identity number manufacturer.

API Creation Procedure

Here are some steps or procedures that you must pass when you will take care of ownership of the API as the main condition of carrying out goods imports:

  1. The company must apply by bringing all important documents that are the main requirements for obtaining the API, the requirements of this document must be complete so that the management process becomes easy.
  2. The relevant service parties will conduct inspections and surveys to your business location. The purpose is to conduct a check in relation to the correctness of documents you submit to the relevant service.
  3. The making of the inspection event that will be handled by the head of service related to import licensing.
  4. Examination of completeness of documents by authorized officials. The officer is entitled to accept or reject your permission and application if necessary. Although the requirements you ask are complete. The decision to accept and reject your file is at the authorities. Usually the decision is based on the examination of the document in the field in real whether the documents and also goods to be imported are legal goods and will not interfere with the order of domestic market.

API Document Creation Requirements

Here are the document requirements that you must fulfill:

  1. Photocopy of the deed of establishment that has been in the notary and also if there is a change, the changes must also be included in the file submission.
  2. Copy of the company’s domicile certificate from a valid local village office. If the company is using the rental building, the business must include the lease agreement letter to your place. This ensures the correctness of ownership of your business building.
  3. Copy of company NPWP that has an address in accordance with the business domicile certificate.
  4. A copy of the principle permit issued by the relevant agency.
  5. If you take care of the public API, you must include a licensing document from BKPM.
  6. If you employ foreign workers, include a permit to hire foreign workers and a temporary residence card from the immigration office.
  7. A copy of the bank account that will be used for financial transactions.
  8. After the photo of the administrator and also the photocopy of the company ID card.

The above are matters relating to the Importer Identification Number (API). We are ready to help you complete the management of the Importer Identification Number (API) to complete and certainly legal. We are experienced notaries who provide API manufacturing services. Let us work for you.