About our Company

DuniaNotaris.Com is an experienced company engaged in licensing services. Our services include various types of licensing services in Indonesia. Starting from business licensing, personal permission, making PT, CV to managing company documents.

Based on experience, we guarantee that all your licensing arrangements will be handled quickly, professionally at a friendly price, of course !!!

Established Since

DuniaNotaris.Com was founded in 2001 by Jonni Tambunan, SE.SH.Mkn. Supported by a Master of Law degree and extensive work experience, he gained wide public trust in his expertise and success in handling non-litigation / corporate documents.

As a Professional License holder (Patent Consultant, and Intellectual Property Rights), he can still take the time to participate in Professional organizations.

Jonni Tambunan, SE.SH.Mkn is the chairman of the Association of Indonesian Licensing Legal Consultants (IKOHPI) and Secretary General at Komunitas Muda Indonesia (KMI).

Our Staff

DuniaNotaris.Com – Work More Fast & Professional. Our Services Are Supported By Professional Workers & Experts In Their Fields

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Leonardo, SH. Mkn

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Iin Nur Indah, SH. Mkn

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Ernida Sinaga, SH. Mkn

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Budi Wiyono, S.Kom

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Herlina Santhy, S.Kom

We have a professional team, experts in their fields and are able to work quickly. All of that we prepare is only to support the company’s operations so that they are able to become partners as expected. Of course the team that we formed is very experienced in managing permits, investments and others in accordance with applicable laws in Indonesia.

More than 1000 local and foreign entrepreneurs have used our services to obtain permits, investments, establishment of PT, CV, PMA & company establishment permits or other business permits. All our customers are satisfied without any complaint. Our experience is more than 15 years until now !!!


Being One of the Leading Notaries in Jakarta & Becoming a Reference for All Investors About Company Registration in Indonesia & Services About Other Laws.


Serving Investors With All Skills And Professionals And Providing Free Consultation Within The Scope Of Investment Law So That It Is Comfortable And Relaxing Investors Invest In Indonesia.

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