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We provide services for manufacturing PT, CV, company & business permits and other permits for a long time, thus making us experienced in Jakarta. Our services are supported by a professional workforce, as well as experts in their respective fields.

Low Price

DuniaNotaris.Com provides manufacturing services for PT, CV, and company establishment permits, as well as other business permits at the lowest prices in Jakarta. Please prove it !! The low price that we provide does not mean reducing the best service you get.

Thousands of Clients

Get ready to be our next client !! More than 1000 local and foreign entrepreneurs have used our services to obtain permits & establish PT, CV or company establishment permits. All our clients are satisfied without complaints.

who are we?

Dunia Notaris is an experienced company engaged in business licensing services.

Our services include various types of licensing services in Indonesia. Starting from business licensing, trade, industrial business licenses, manufacturing PT, CV, establishment of PMA, managing company documents, to personal permits.

We guarantee that all your licensing arrangements will be handled quickly, professionally with a friendly price !!.

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Our Services Include:

Get to know what is needed in the establishment of PT !!!

We provide a package of PT establishment services (limited liability companies) at the lowest prices in Jakarta. Please prove the cheapest price we provide !!! The following are the packages and the price you get:

  • Establishment of Deed of Notary
  • Company domicile certificate
  • Decree of the Minister of Law & Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia
  • TIN – Taxpayer Identification Number
  • SIUP – Trading Business License
  • TDP – Company Registration Certificate
  • Announcement in the Republic of Indonesia News
  • Law 40/2007; About limited liability companies.
  • PP 27/1998; About mergers, consolidations & acquisitions of limited liability companies.
  • PP 47/2012; About limited liability & environmental responsibility (CSR).
  • PP 57/2010; About mergers & acquisitions that can lead to monopolistic practices & unfair business competition.

General Terms of Establishment of PT (Limited Liability Company):

  • Photocopy of ID card of shareholders and management, a minimum of 2 or more people.
  • Photocopy of KK director or person in charge.
  • NPWP number of person in charge.
  • Color photo is in charge of 4 sheets (3X4).
  • Photocopy of last year’s UN according to company domicile.
  • Photocopy of proof of business place ownership or office / contract lease.
  • The office must be in the office or shop area (not in the residential area), or get permission by issuing a statement from the RT / RW (if needed, for companies domiciled in a residential area) specifically outside Jakarta.

Terms of Establishment of PT Formally Based on Law No. 40/2007:

  • Founder of at least 2 people or more (article 7 paragraph 1).
  • Notary deed uses Indonesian.
  • Each founder must take part in the shares, except in the framework of consolidation (article 7 paragraph 2 and paragraph 3).
  • The deed of establishment must be ratified by the Minister of Justice and announced in the BNRI (Article 7 paragraph 4).
  • Minimum authorized capital of Rp. 50 million and paid-up capital of at least 25% of authorized capital (article 32 and article 33).
  • At least 1 director and 1 commissioner (article 92 paragraph 3 & article 108 paragraph 3).
  • Shareholders must be Indonesian citizens or legal entities established under Indonesian law, except PT PMA.

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